How to use Ski and Snowboard Base Repair Candles

Skimender 7mm repair candles are a quick and easy way to make a temporary repair to the surface of your skis or snowboard.

Before undertaking any repairs, you must always ensure that the surface of the ski is clean and free from dirt or wax – we recommend using a proprietary wax remover or lighter fluid to make sure the surface is dirt-free.

  1. Using a match, lighter or torch, light one end of the skimender repair candle by holding the candle above the flame.
  2. Hold the candle a few centimetres away from the damaged area, and allow the molten repair material to slowly cover the gouge. Rotating the candle slightly while applying prevents carbon formation and provides a stronger overall bond.
  3. When the damaged area is fully covered, extinguish the flame and allow the molten repair material to solidify for around five minutes.
  4. Once solid, use the TEC-665 scraper to scrape away any excess repair material from the base of your ski or snowboard.
  5. Finally, smooth out the remaining repair material with a rough cloth (brillo pad) or some light duty sand paper.

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